SureMed 7-Day Multi-Med Card  - 100 Cards & Blisters
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This SureMed 7-Day multi-med blister card is perfect if you're taking several medications at once and at different times of the day.  This SureMed multi-med card is easy to assemble and use. It's a 7 day card that is separated into morning, noon, evening and bedtime blisters.

Included: 100 Cards and 100 Blisters. 

No Roller or foam sealing template is included, use your own roller and template. Rollers and templates are also sold separately in our "sealing templates and roller" section of our shopping cart.

Full instructions are included.


At this time we can only ship to addresses within the continental United States.

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SureMed 7-Day Multi-Med Card - 100 Cards & Blisters

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